About the WrapAround Process

The Process

WrapAround is a process which develops and carries out plans for children, individuals and their families who have very complex needs.  The WrapAround planning process follows a series of steps intended to help children, individuals and their families realize their hopes and dreams.

The WrapAround process is implemented with the involvement of the people who are important to the family.  A WrapAround facilitator helps the family develop a team of friends, family, members of faith community, etc as well as professionals involved in a helping role.  This team shares resources, problem solves, coordinates their activities and blends their perspectives of the family‚Äôs situation.  Together with the family, they develop an action plan.

WrapAround improves the lives of families by building on their strengths.  It encourages them to make helpful, caring connections in the community.  The WrapAround process ensures that services are focused on the needs of the individual and his or her family.

The WrapAround planning model is guided by
ten principles. It is unique from traditional services in that:

  • The family directs the plan
  • The plans developed are flexible and unique to each family
  • Plans that do not meet the needs of the family are changed

The individual/family always has:

  • A choice about the services they receive
  • A voice in the manner in which they receive services
  • Ownership of decisions that affect their lives